Saturday, November 25, 2006


I use the word 'modicum' in this post

So there I am, happily coasting in my job.

It's easy, anyone can do it if they find the right place. You don't need to stick your neck out, you just do what you're told and what you're expected to do.

As a teacher, its really just all about teaching. Head down, teach. Teach, teach and teach. Keep on teachin' as the old song never used to say.

Well a week and a half (ish) ago my head of department, the guy I usually look up to to see what I have to do next had a slight accident. The cut a short story into a bite-sized nugget, he broke his ankle and won't be back until well after christmas.

Which means I can't coast along anymore.

I'm taking his GCSE classes on top of mine. I'm assuming other responsibilities that he would have usually done, which means a lot more paperwork. Also OfSTED are coming in to pay us a visit (not unexpected- the school needs them as a matter of course due to its unique position at the moment..) so everyone needs to be really, really on the ball.

That means really, even aside from OfSTED coming in, Bonobo can't coast along anymore. Now I've got to be a kind of head of department myself.

Which fills me with excitement and a modicum of pant-filling fear...

(Oh and as regards my eating of strange and weird delicacies from my previous post, I've had to draw a line under that, only because at the moment I cannot find a lamb's heart anywhere and also it would take a lot of time, love and an iron clad constitution which at the moment I am in little supply of.. so I'll have to put that on hold for now..)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


True calling

I only bought a microphone the other day, then downloaded some free music recording software and got some special lead connectors to plug in various instruments etc..

By god, now I'm making music! Music that can be played on stereos, mp3s and CD players!

...Well, its music of a sort. Its very rough and sounds very home made and I can't sing to save my life; but I godamn love it!

Why wasn't I doing this like 5 years ago?

(p.s. I will be attempting gross food this week owing to illness last week...)

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