Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Youth Of Today: Slang

Here are three examples of some slang that I've recently picked up from working with pupils at this school I'm at in Oxford. Ready?

"Nang"- means good. I figured that this could have come from "poontang" or something like that.

"You're a son of a son"- bizarre insult, I suppose a bit like a son of a bitch but a lot more descriptive and genetically accurate.

"A doer", "You're a doer" (as in you do things)- A really shocking insult. To call someone a doer is to tar them with the stupid brush. (I only heard this in my previous school but I neeeded to include it because I use it from time to time)

I'll keep my ears to the ground for more yoof slang folks just to keep everyone informed!

-Wicked! (now that's flipping timeless)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Lovely to be back

Well, I've moved out of my parents house for the second time in my life...

I'm living in Oxford with some very nice housemates and have finally gotten the internet plugged in and ready to rumble! It took a bit of time and I wasn't sure if I could do it but thanks to the great and good technical support here I'm up and running!

I haven't got that much to discuss at the moment, still settling into my new teaching job and so on...

...So I'd just like to lt you all know of my most recent and notable dream.

It was awesome.

It was an entire episode of Dr. Who but written and guest starring the Mighty Boosh. Imagine that!

More irrelevent japery soon x.

Saturday, September 02, 2006



If there's one thing that would ever stop me blogging as frequently as I do, which is infrequent already would be no internet access, which is exactly what I'm getting in my new gaff.

No more lazy surfing the 'net for deals for drum kits on ebay or trying to find a Commodore 64 emulator to play 'Jet Set Willy'...

No, these things will be a thing of the past. I now have to face the music, return to a new workplace and get on with it..(and like, I've only had 6 weeks off..)

Maybe I could blog from work after school, that's certainly a possibilty, I'll certainly try not to write a post during a lesson. I reckon that'd be wrong.. we'll have to wait and see..

And what with Crumb taking an extended sabbatical (He last posted here just before the first world war- I mean, how he did it before computers were even invented still to this day astounds me) it may become a little quiet around here..

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