Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My turmoiled brain

I love meeting up with friends and I enjoy having a good time.

But lately I've been reassuringly useless at trying to arrange times to see my friends. I just can't get around to seeing them in person and it usually ends up with a quick 5 minute phone call usually at the wrong time of day or night and usually it ends with "...definitely meet up..." or "..haven't seen you in so long...".

And of course, nothing comes from it. I really, really need to sort out not only my friends but also how I arrange time elsewhere. PPQ calls it the Land of the Hapless People where you seem to be running out of time, always in a rush, never quite sure where you're going. Sometimes I think of myself as Anneka Rice stumbling through a historic market town frantically trying to find the final clue on her Treasure Hunt with only mere minutes to go. But of course I'm not wearing a pink and yellow jumpsuit and there's no helicopter in sight. But I do run around and generally not arrange my life.

I've recently bought a filofax, and BY GOD I'M GONNA USE THE SOD!

..Problem is, the filofax dates begin on August the 1st. I still have a week of unplanned hapless mayhem to get through. After that my life will be well planned down to the amount of breaths I take.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Last Day

Today is my last day at the school I'm currently at in Hereford. I've been there for wel over 2 years now which although it may not seem like long to you, its been a lifetime for me!

This school is the school that I taught really for the first time, its my first love and I will be sad to see the back of it. The kids are alright too- ok so there's a few nutters; every school has that. Even some staff are borderline insane- 'you don't have to crazy to work here; but you do'

I'm feeling a bit blue today because all of the good friends I've made I'm not going to see for some time to come. It's all just ending so soon.

Never mind I suppose. I do have a new job waiting for me in Oxford. I'm ready to turn around a set off for pastures new. Somethings have to be done whether you want them to or not.

*Bonobo sets sail for Oxford*

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