Thursday, March 30, 2006


You talkin' to me?

I'm in class, standing up, taking questions... "Come on, hit me with one..."

A pupil looks at me, raises the hand and asks a question.

I look at them and give them a lengthy answer. Whilst I'm doing this it looks like they are understanding exactly what I'm saying. They almost look like they're looking right through me.

After my satisfactory answer I ask if that's ok for the pupil.

The same pupil looks at me, raises the hand and asks the same question again.

? Wha- ?

I'd spent all that time explaining the answer to them, but they had thought I was talking to the person behind them.

I repeat the answer and smile on the inside. The pupil sees the funny side as they remember what I had just said not less than 30 seconds ago. And that what I had said less than 30 seconds ago had weirdly actually answered their question anyway.

Such golden nuances happen every day in my line of work. It's what gets you through the day...

Monday, March 13, 2006


Sorry... interrupt this moment of beauty but this is supposed to be a blokey blog. It's all getting a bit mushy, so on to something far less significant.

Is anyone else getting a bit pissed off with Colin fucking Murray? Not only do I have to put up with his stupid irish twang everytime some record company want to advertise their band on TV but now he's doing the football on Channel 5! And wearing fucking glasses to make himself look knowledgable! What next? Edith Bowman presenting Tomorrow's World?

Talk amongst yourselves...

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Horse and..

I've been racking my small brain for a good 4 minutes trying to think of an adequate way of saying this... You see, something's happened and I think you should know about it..

It's a bit radical, but lovely...

No, I'm not gay..

Neither is Crumb..

Or maybe he is..

(He's not I assure you..)

Well, it runs along the lines of something like, the way of saying, with all things considered at the end of the day of the day at the end of... erm..

Me and PPQ are engaged!

...That's it really, don't want to get too soppy or mushy here but basically we're going to get married! Who'd have thunk it! More soon no doubt fellow bloglies... x

p.s. the connection with the title of the post is "Carriage".

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